First week of school


Pink for the fall?

Pink for the fall? by leslyrivera-101 featuring JanSport RED Valentino pink shirt
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Topshop stretch jeans
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Vans slip-on shoes

JanSport backpack

Nadri silver jewelry

Miss Selfridge necklace

My Skin Care Routine for the Summer

Hey Sista's today's post I will share with you all my skin care Routine + other summer essentials. Since the weather lately has been scorching we've obviously tend to sweat A LOT. Plus we have to deal with a beaming sun against our skin all day. It is strictly important to use a moisturizer and sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Also it's important to drink lot's of cold water to stay hydrated. I hope you can take lot's from this post. Enjoy!!:))    


I've literally had this blogger account for ages but never took the time out of my day to actually use it. I don't even know why I made it, I guess I wanted to be like those fancy fashion bloggers that lived such spontaneous life's. Though the real reason I made this blog was due to my parents constantly aggravating me to read more or do something useful over the summer. I hate reading books unless it's Junie B. Jones then i'll read. Even though reading does have it's perks it's completely boring you just get lost in the first paragraph and sometimes get nauseous, well at least I do. So that's why I don't read but there was my second choice do something useful. As bored as I was I went through my g-mail and came across my blogger account and weeks later I'm writing this intro for y'all. So here I am, 14 years old still in high school (duhhh) livin' in the d.m.v aaayyeee represent. Though before I went along with this blog I wondered what…